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I HATE seeing that screen in games. Best, or worst I suppose, recent example: Resident Evil 5.

For example, when you or your partner dies, you're treated to a 5+ second loading screen. Just long enough to be disoriented when the animated "You're Dead" screen pops up. Yes I knew that, thank you, you didn't need to take 15 seconds total to tell me this. Then if you select Continue, you get another loading screen to get you back into the level. Keep in mind all this after a 5+ minute install. Worst experience in a while.

Combine this with very small levels (frequent loading), canned animation (ever heard of blending?), weird visual freak outs when you go through the door waiting for your AI partner to come through 0.5 seconds later, and complete inability to move while swinging the knife or shooting the gun makes for a REALLY negative single player experience. Yes I know the later behavior has been in RE forever, that doesn't mean its good.

It not complete crap. It's got some nice visuals and I'll give it another go. But at this point, I regret buying the game. It's really depressing after RE4 was so solid an experience. What happened?

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