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Dr. Horrible is super awesome great

But don't believe me, see it for yourself. While I'd love to believe that things like this can be successful at a larger scope, the mixture available is somewhat hard to top. This show has Joss Whedon writing, which from what I've seen thus far, is nearing incomparability, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion singing (!?), and an absolutely ridiculous premise.

I'm pretty sure this show will be successful. And by that I mean everyone should go and buy it now (and by everyone I mean the 2-ish people who have ever read it). I'm not, however, convinced it will lead to a shift in the way the world looks at the internet and distribution on it (perhaps not coindentally related to the one of the show's themes). Who knows though. I'd love to be proven wrong.

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  1. of all the sci-fi directors on cinemas, Joss Whedon is my all time favorite because he has great concept :;*

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