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Horrible acronym for very refreshing RPG

I refer, of course, to TWEWY. It's very good. It's got a very very twitchy feel. They've done an amazing job with very flexible, orthogonal game design. All the elements are almost entirely separable so you never have to think about a giant mash of stuff.

  • Gaining levels only seems to modify your HP. You can lower your level to increase item drop multiplier.
  • Difficulty rating can be changed at any time between levels and changes they type of items dropped (the harder the rarer).
  • You eat food to incrementally, permanently increase various attributes (attack, defense, bravery and sync ratio).
  • Clothes increase specific attributes and have special abilities which slightly modify other systems depending on who wears them.
  • You select between 3 and 6 six pins to use for attacking, defense and healing. These are all orthogonal gestures on the DS.
  • Both clothes and pins scale up or down depending on how popular various brands are in the area of the city you are in.
  • Buying clothes/food allows you to make friends with store clerks.
  • Experience both levels you up (HP) and levels up your pins, which can evolve.

The list goes on and I'm not even done discovering things yet. The fact that this stuff is almost entirely orthogonal means you can basically worry about as much or little as you like. Also, controlling two characters at once, keeps the pacing of the battles super tight. Gameplay-wise this game has got to be one of best designed role playing games in a very very long time. Oh would that such design systems were easy to encorporate into more games. The potential depth here is somewhat mind blowing.

You might not like the plot, but if you can keep up with the pace of combat, this game is truly awesome.

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  1. On an entirely different note, did you happen to see this post:

    It could be a tradition! It’s one of the few reasons I go to Seattle anymore.

    Also, I have anime DVDs to return to you. So there were two entirely different notes

  2. I did not see it, but cool! Alas I think we are booked on the 19th (like x3). The current winner is family reunion to attend. Sorry!

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