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Isn’t it Funny

... when you post about not posting in a while, and then you do it again. Man oh man. So since then...

Rachet was good, but the same as all their other games. I think I'd skip another game. The sixaxis portions were ok. There were a few really good ones and some mediocre. Better than the few others I've played.
Uncharted, awesome. Gameplay is similar mix to other games. Cinematically, super awesome. Very pretty in all but a select few grating cases. They were very smart about the limitations of their game. A such, they pulled off some pretty cool stuff within that scope. Some of the gameplay felt a bit rehashed toward the end, but most everything was so well executed I could hardly care at that point.

I picked up Smash Brother's Brawl. Mistake. Multiplayer is almost carbon copy Gamecube version. Single player relies too much on the INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE jumping mechanic. The cinematics and concept is fun and the single player fighting portion isn't half bad (and very long). But still, there are enough precision jumping sections to really piss me off.

Devil may cry 4. Very good so far, but they should have done more to integrate all the moves into the combo system. Combos are totally the coolest part of that game and when many of the special moves you can buy actually make it harder to kill things quickly. Yeah, still way better balanced than version 3. Also, the menu system doesn't suck balls! Hooray.

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