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Sweet energy saving

First non-gaming post in a while. So I took the test at Earthlab the other day. I ended up with 256, which is better than the average for my city, state and country at least. It's also kind of cool that it's 2^8. Unfortunately that also means that if I'm going to keep that trend the next step is 128, which seems like it would be pretty difficult. I'll probably have to move into a cave with a bike and somehow stop consuming food. We'll see what I can do about some of those problems.

I recently read an article on commercially viable bacteria based ethanol creation. It's pretty cool as it solve the standard corn problems of low net energy yield and competition for food market. I read about something like this years ago that worked on waste water or something. In any case, it's really good to see that these things are actually starting to be applied. Now if only someone would create a TV or body armor based on carbon nanotubes I would be happy. That stuff had sooo much hype and has been incredibly sluggish to any sort of market product.

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