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A few recent things have been getting me interested in working on a new project. I might take C# for a spin, since its a larger project. Some potentially interesting ideas to investigate:

Art pipeline. I've never written one from scratch before. Probably start with hard coded data and move to collada subset. Would like to make the pipeline serializable between any major operation (parallelization and quicker turn around).

OpenGL 3.0. Whenever it finally comes out. Maybe an argument to keep to C++?

Thread separable operation. Especially for graphics engine. Seems like you could have some handy simplifications if you assume that most of your objects won't move every frame.

Components and/or data driven. I've used generally data driven paths with good success in the past, but haven't toyed too much with more heavy component architectures. Explicit or implicit communication?

TDD. I still haven't used it for a large project. I did get a simplified NUnit working with C#, but in a command line mode more similar to UnitTest++ (WAY faster turn around).

In-place Loading. Only really interesting in C++. The simple setup I started working with was kind of a pain. The holy grail here would be to get garbage collection working so you could mark all objects to output and then do so as a sweep process (serialize binary + links). There are other interesting questions to deal with (versioning, virtual classes, etc.).

Class Introspection. Useful for In-place loading and any other form of code generation. Was playing with ctags for a bit, but had some issues with scoping. Perhaps push that through and see what fun can get working.

Btw, I hate wordpress' list editing. It sucks (hence above bold + paragraphs). Maybe I just need to upgrade.

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