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Weee… Time Machine

Wow, so it's been a while. What's happened since July....

The company I work for, Sucker Punch, announced our game, Infamous. It should be pretty sweet. Some of my friends at Valve also released Portal to good reviews (generally complaints that a game is too short is a good thing). I need to build a new machine so I can pick up the orange box. But fortunately I've finished paying off my car (woohoo!) so that won't be so tough.

I bought an Xbox 360, and have played a few games. Thus far not quite as impressed as I'd hoped.

Gears of War is somewhat one dimensional, though very polished. I still haven't made it all the way through, and it's fun so far.
Bioshock has amazing atmosphere, but it's death system makes it a bit hard to get into personally. When there is no penalty for dying, you basically can just keep getting a single shot off and coming back from the dead. Also some of the enemies feel a bit stupid. But still atmosphere makes up for a lot.

Blue Dragon is stereotypical JRPG. Not a fan of the design for the main characters (it's not as cute as you might think). Also, I hate the main character, very irritating, completely impossible to identify with. For that matter, they basically have all the stereotypical roles, with zero depth.

I'm playing through Phantom Hourglass and wow. They took Windwaker, which had an interesting story with awesome plot twists and slightly cliche characters and turned it into what, so far, feels like braindead mush. The gameplay is crazy superficial. Combat painfully easy, longer irritating parts from Windwaker (read fetch quests), and now they are essentially the entire game. Perhaps it will get better. So far the only good thing I have to say is that a few of the tools are neat. Boomerang feels great, very analog. Bow and arrow is decent. We'll see, maybe it will pull up before it hits the ground.

While it's not terrible in Phantom Hourglass, I think 3D looks like crap on the DS. Some things work better in 3D. However, all the more solid feeling games that I've played on the DS were in 2D. I hates aliasing.

Ok, enough griping. I saw some movies. Was most impressed with Stardust. Some new Playstation3 titles have been coming out that make me think twice about the machine's chances (and its price... ugh, why remove backward compatibility though!). Rachet looks cool. Seems like a pretty carbon copy of their previous titles. I've played through the first 3, so I'm not sure it's for me, but the reviews don't seem to care, so who knows. Uncharted could be fun.

Eternal Sonata looks sweet, and Team Fortress 2 looks awesome. Assassins Creed is coming out, by this point I'm deathly afraid that they haven't improved the game in 2 years. Long ago, after their first demo, I thought, with an extra bit of polish, this could be awesome. I haven't seen it yet, but we'll see.
Ok, now to wait not 3 months so I can have a more normal post.

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  1. Wow, haven’t seen you in a while, not since the burlesque night. I took this opportunity to read some of the blogs I missed and wow…France AND Japan? Unfair! Anyway, I have DVDs for you and am hoping to have a singing performance soon so that you can see some of my other skills. Ha!

  2. Nope nope :). Actually I think your Thousand Young performance I went to was after burlesque night. Ooh, DVDs! I swear they are kind of like crack. I look forward to when ever this new performance is.

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