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Went and saw Transformers. It was actually really good. The special effects were awesome, lots of cheese, and only a few gaping plot holes. Overall, much better than I was expecting. Now to Harry Potter next week. I think my girlfriend is going to explode.

We on the Suckerpunch coding team went to play pool at Parlor Billiards and I was reminded how inconsistent a player I am. I started off eh, and then won 2 games in a row by a long shot (e.g. sinking 5 in a row). I then proceeded to not make a shot for half an hour. Then I sunk 4 in a row again etc. Very periodically good and bad. It wasn't that I was just barely missing shots either, they were WAY off. It's really bizarre.

There are serious rumors of a PS3 price cut announcement at E3. It wouldn't surprise me, and I would be obscenely happy, especially because that likely means an xbox price cut too. The 360 at the moment has the more appetizing spread, so I'd probably jump into that one first.

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