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Holy Jeepers Batman!

So, long due post. Things that have happened since last one, in no particular order:

  • Vacation in France for two weeks. Uncle's wedding + stuff. Food is good, but no where near as small portions as people would lead you to believe.
  • Movies, some good some bad. Was very disappointed with Spiderman 3 for numerous reasons, enjoyed Pirates 3 vastly more than was expecting, Shrek 3 ok... etc.
  • Unleashed concert. We did some fun skits, probably got a little too crazy singing the pirates theme song and shot ourselves in the foot sound quality-wise.
  • Back to Karaoke at Skylark. It has changed hosts twice, I didn't like the first change, second is back to a better pace I think, although significantly reduced, albeit legal, songlist. Quirky skippy McCDplayer threatens my happiness!
  • Work. Good stuff, still on graphics. Working hard on performance now, and in two words "it's tough" (tm). When adding extra work makes shaders go faster, my head esplode.
  • Role playing. Been very slow getting into Warcraft d20 game. I wrote a huge 15ish page back story for my character so I am dismayed to say the least. Starting a new Forgotten Realms Wizards game. World looks cool and deep, but I can't say I'm looking forward to the preplanning spells system DnD uses for wizards (my head esplode x2).
  • Games, some good some bad. Mario party fun, but hasn't really changed in the billion versions they released. Super Paper Mario huge let down. Super simple completely gamey flip to 3d mechanic interrupts the normal pace of action jumping (as does tons of dialog boxes). Need to play God of War (and so many other games). Warcraft 3 is an excellent game. Super great value even at $40 for the battle chest... still!
  • Lost phone in Cinerama after Pirates opening show. Bought an EnV. It is, as I thought, huge. Though not requiring hours to enter new phone book entries and the occasional text message is nice.
  • Board game night at work is fun. We've played all sorts of interesting stuff that I haven't really seen before. And I thought I used to play a lot of board games :).
  • My sister went skydiving which was entertaining and made me want to go.
  • OpenGL is heading down an amazingly promising track. Cleaning up the API, adding static typing through struct tags (still C compatible), and all the other stuff they're adding sound awesome. I will have to build a new machine with a DX10 to try it out (yes I know the irony of getting a "DX10" card for OpenGL).
  • Allergies suck, since right before going to France I've been screwed with congestion and such. Medication only defers symptoms a few hours (did I mention I hate medication). I think I'm going to do a cleaning spree and regularly vacuum the house or something *shudder*.
  • I may have gone to GDC and such since I last posted. That was fun, although didn't get to see as much of people as I'd like. And now I've lost most of their numbers since my phone is gone, let the long march begin.
  • Going to start attending Thursday night East/West side game developer get togethers. They're fun, and I don't have a choir conflict during the summer.
  • Been reading up on C++ template stuff for fun. I looking to create some sort of reflection system. However, I think writing a new language may be just as easy as implementing reflection for every relevant C++ class I would want to use. Binary dumping/loading is my goal. Wouldn't it be nice land. I'm starting to think that, if using C++ just writing the serialization to the binary format may not be a bad plan, purely because it reduces the transformation work you have to do on the runtime side. Not to mention the pain of dealing with cross platform binary incompatibilities. Still if you had reflection this would be easy. Why the C++ board does not put that in, I will never know.
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