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Staying still-phobia

So I'm setup to fly various places (including GDC) 4 times in about 2 months.  3 of them will be California, so it won't be too bad on the brain.  One is to France for my Uncle's wedding.  It will certainly be interesting.

Got a Wii the other day.  Played all the way through Zelda in a weekend.  I don't know why, but I think I liked it less overall than Windwaker.  I would have preferred a gamecube controller for it too.  Control latency is too high and not precise enough.  There are a few things you can relatively reliably do, but overall, I felt way way more badass with the tight control at the end of Windwaker.  Though it was decent, it really felt like it didn't have the same depth as the earlier games.  The main new mechanic of the wolf I felt was done better in Okami.  They had some good weapons, but some of the special stuff you get was just half assed.  Oh well, now I have to go pick up Rayman and play that.

On the xbox front, now they're releasing Worms for Live.  It's good that these games aren't out yet, or I'd have to get one now before the "Unlikely" 2007 price drop.

The PS3 has apparently fixed the nasty image quality backward compatibility problem it had.  Hooray!  Now, when they lower the price I can only hope they've fixed the rest of the issues (e.g. background downloading).

Went and saw Pan's Labyrinth, which was awesome if a little gruesome.  The Queen wasn't as interesting as I was hoping, I really just can't identify with royalty.  Decent weekend, good week at work.  I do need to get back into yoga.  Good stuff all around.

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