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I have a pretty high respect for Valve and the general quality of their work.  I know many people that work there.  Thus, I find it very alarming that their CEO is going senile.  Um, wow.  I doubt highly that he's personally done any work on the PS3.  He could be echoing the mentality of his development staff so there's that.  However, I think his comment is crap.  Sony certainly hasn't done everything right in releasing the PS3.  The development process is tough, and there is some hand holding you have to do to get the processor jumping through its hoops.

I would venture to guess that this just does not fit the general Valve MO of coding (which comes heavily from the PC).  In fact I would even posite that this is a symptom of the thing that I hate most about their game, loading screens.  To get the PS3 to work well you have to design your SPU data in a way that can be shipped to and fro.  A similar step is required if you want to cleanly stream your game, which they don't have.  I think they are still stuck the PC mental model of load a bunch of data and it will work.

On another note, Guitar Hero development has moved to Neversoft!!!!!!  Ok, am I the only one seeing doom on the horizon.  They've certainly done a decent job with Tony Hawk.  Spiderman also had it good points, but was buggy as all get out.  I will never forget the image of Blackcat randomly flipping 90 degrees while she jumps of the edge of a building during a CUTSCENE.  They also developed GUN, which I have never played, but I've heard bad things.  I pray for the franchise considering its bright prospective future.

The last bit concerns the PS3.  Apparently it is readily available pretty much anywhere.  This when analysts were expecting shortages until March or even July.  Don't let Gabe Newell beat you down Sony!  I hope that Sony can pull themselves out of this pit.  Maybe even... you know... lower the price! :)

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