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Tiiiiiiime is on my side

Just like in Fallen, except I don't enjoy killing people.... Yeah.

And it goes on. Christmas came and went with much ado. I haven't seen anywhere near as many movies this year as I did last year. Unfortunately the only one I did go see was Eragon. What a catastrophe. They killed off every plot twist and character motiviation in the story. Jeremy Irons really needs to stay away from dragon movies. The only compliment I'll give is the dragon CG was awesome.

I've shifted to rendering stuff at work, which is fun. But wow, what a muddy pit graphics performance is. Moving through everything and getting the information I need is going way slower than I would like.

I've heard very good things about Gears of War and the upcoming Castlevania Live release (2/10 if 1up is correct) increases my desire for xbox 360. I am also awaiting the arrival of Wii, which should accompany much Zelda playing.

The iPhone came out, and it's awesome, possibly revolutionary. It's also $600 + 2yr contract with cingular. Add to that the cost of a data plan to support a fully fledged browser (unless there is wifi around) and the fact that I don't currently have an iPod. I've survived thus far, we'll see if I make it through this.

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