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I’m coming!!!

Just like in Kung Pow I will eventually get there. I might be closer or farther away some time in the middle, but eventually... I'll make another post. I guess that would be now.

In the beginning there was a Halloween costume, okay maybe that was just the last post. Regardless it went well-ish. I was one of two people who actually wore halloween costumes to work. I will say Adam bested me with his Kthulu infested minion of sorts. Then I went to Karaoke, and was bested by all maner of other people. I really need to plan better next year.

Since then, Thanksgiving came and went. My sister's graduation came and went. While she does have a lot more school to go and is planning on buying an SUV (grrrrr), I am proud of her. The Unleashed concert came and went, thankfully better than I was expecting. It's funny, I seem to underestimate the potential for improvement at the last minute. With Unleashed I have no idea how everyone pulled things together and was so much generally cleaner than we were in practice, but congrats. Props go out especially to the soloists who only had one run through to actually practice with the group before performing on stage.

In the end, we're coming down to Christmas... and I'm sick. I think I may be on the tail end of it, but I am definitely sick. This has lasted 4+ days now and it's really irritating. I haven't been sick this long for as long as I can remember. It's kind of distgusting really. I've taken 1.5 sick days so far. It's really weirding me out.

The only pro of staying home and drinking ginger tea, besides not feeling quite so crappy is that I get to try and catch up on my movies I've been buying. I watched 3 so far that Andrea doesn't want to see, 40 year old version, Mulholland Dr., and Dodge Ball. The first two were good, if weird. I'm going to subject her to the later since it has some seriously funny parts in it.

In other news, I finally went a Industry drinking night. It was fun, although I probably should have branched out a bit more. I spent much of the evening talking to Josie and Scott (wheaties beer?!?). I did meet some other people from Arena Net, SOE, and Gas Powered. It was cool, and while I feel like I've barely grazed the surface, it appears that few Suckerpunchers have done much shmoozing in those circles. I shall try to encourage others to join me. Although, since we may be moving the Exalted game to Thurs. nights it may be hard for me to even continue going. We'll see.

I should sign off, before the next person who reads this has a chronic head explosion. Til next time.

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