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28 days later

Ok, so I'm not going as a zombie.  However, I do like the phrase brains.  It's just so great, even to repeat over and over again.  Halloween this year falls on my weekly karaoke night.  I'm going to TRY to go as Ryu from the Street Fighter series.  Mostly because I'm lazy and think it will work.  I need to actually come up with a good costume one of these years....

I've finally beaten Okami barely squeezing under the 50 hr mark.  The game was great, but it probably should have been half as long.  The end was a bit heavy handed plotwise and cliche.  Not as bad as say Paper Mario 2 (ugh.), but still a bit off putting.  I was planning on picking up God Hand to see what the defunct Clover's new game was like, but having heard horrible reviews and with the other 5 games I bought at the time of Okami, I'll pass this time.  Another game that I've heard is actually really good is Bully.  It sounds pretty interesting.  From what I've heard/seen so far I'd call it school yard GTA with a social element.  I won't comment on the ridiculous contraversy surround a game that no one ever played.  It sounds pretty interesting though.  Next up on the roster is probably going to be some DS games.

Haven't really been any movies out of late.  The Prestige and The Departed sound good, but I won't die if I don't catch them.  Jeremy Irons is going to be in Eragon, which is apparently coming out this Dec.?!  In any case, I'm hoping he can redeem himself since the last time I saw him in a movie was D&D and that was only for 15 min.  I'm hoping it will be good.

The exalted game I'm running is going ok.  I seem to be able to pull together a good game every 2 sessions, which is kind of irritating.  This is what comes of having an inexperienced storyteller.  Regardless it's generally pretty fun and I've faired ok.  Next time I'll have a better plan for actually getting the characters into the story.  In any case, I'm starting to wish that the role playing thing was more serious.  I got into it as a replacement for acting in a theater setting, but I'm starting to think I might have to do that at some point too.

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