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Super Monkey Balls what?

So I tried out Super Monkey Ball Adventure. Basically it's dumbed down monkey ball puzzles (they may get harder later) with insanely irritating voices and crappy fetch based task gameplay. I'm going to keep pushing on it to see if I can get something out of it, but if it doesn't improve I'll be somewhat disappointed.

Dead Rising Demo. Can a game be based entirely around minutely fun gimicks? I have yet to play it, but the more random little things I see/hear about, the more it's possible that it might actually be fun.

Heheh, I just thought of a pretty hillarious thing. A parody game called Super Drunkey Ball Z! Ok, so maybe it's not that funny and probably would end up as stupid as the original after sequel 6000. It might even continue in DBZ's footsteps and wrap back around to hilarious. In closing, TIMES 4!!!!!!!!!!!

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