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Fraunch fries

Heheh, I love that movie. "You knoww"... "Two dollars!".

First off, it's sad for the PS3 that the 360 has the potential to drop in price. Second, it makes me cry how few and how little I am interested in 360 games. Ninety Nine Nights might be fun, but the animation looks really crappy (many many guys will do that). Chrome hounds could be fun except they severely deemphasized single player. Dead rising and crackdown both look like masses of uninteresting, mindlessly repetative gameplay. There are a few with small potential. The list goes: Prey (also PC), Gears of War, Blue Dragon. I'm probably missing some, but still...

The PS3 makes me cry because it is expensive. It does have a few games that I am really looking forward to though. Assassin's Creed looks awesome, though I'd like to see some actual gameplay footage. Resistance fall of man could be cool. All I've seen are screen shots of Naughty Dog's project, but it could be cool. Final Fantasy from the Kingdom Hearts team to come out who knows when. Of course, I don't know how many of these are years in the future.  We'll see if I get pulled one way or the other.

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