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Urgh PC gaming

I've played games mostly on consoles for a while, no particular reason, I just like the experience better with some exceptions.

I've been playing Deus Ex Human Revolution on the PC and I'm torn.  The artistic design and the overall mood is great and occasionally amazing.  The gameplay ranges from ok to great has has awesome variation.  The cutscenes are mostly well done and the various.  The voice acting is great for primary characters and occassionally weak on extras.  Overally, it reminds me of a much more polished and enjoyable, though limited, version of Fallout 3.  It's a bit too linear in some areas, but generally does a great job of giving you multiple angles.  It has WAY too many loading screens for my taste.  The character quality is hugely variable.  Animation ranging from ok to strange (especially facial lip flap, yuck :/).  I understand the production costs involved in making good facial animation, but this game looks mostly crap at this point.

My biggest complaint so far is that the game is super unstable.  I think it has crashed in 5 out of the 7 sessions I've played it.  It even failed to load a cutscene and jumped me past some portions of gameplay. It feels like a combination of driver problems (ATI :/) and lack of testing thoroughness.  I bought the PC version on an review's recommendation.  I probably would enjoy it more on PS3 (my 360 is toast).

Hopefully it smooths out, because I really want to love this game.

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