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Role playing + Christmas

I joined a role playing group this weekend. I came up with a kind of neatish back story, made my character before hand, and went. The saddest thing is that it turns out the character was somewhat boring to play. Off we go a changing :P. It was fun though it should be interesting to see if I can execute in the Vampire universe as well as I was able to in Exalted. It'll be tough, but I think I can manage.

Work is winding down into the holliday season. Spent most of today chasing memory corruption and the like. Turns out, was my fault to start with. It's absolutely ridiculous how non-trivial that stuff is to track down. I suppose that it would have helped to use the right tool right away. Oh well, at least I fixed it :).

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Lots a lots a lots

News news news news.

Concert went well, then five of us *cough* sang at a retirement center for people of Japanese decent. That went surprisingly well considering we were swapping around the alto part. And by we I mean Jer, Emily and Andrea, three very talented tenalsops.

We started signing copies of Sly 3 at work yesterday. This time definitely feels different than last time, considering I actually worked on this title :P. Fun stuff all around.

Firefly is a good series. I ordered it from and they sent me two disc ones. Sooooo I go and pirate it (legally mind you since I own it). And people wonder why it's rampant. Stupid also cancelled a christmas present order (after a few weeks of stalling). Grrrrr. Hooray for amazon for saving the day. Amazon will definitely start getting more of my business with their better than previous prices and grrrrreat service.

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